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In this site, I introduce many spiritual sites in Japan. Most of the time, I talk about my favorite places or places that I want to recommend to visit, but this time, I introduce you the wonderful train that brings you to these sites. The train’s name is “AMETSUCHI”. It runs Sanin area (from Tottori station to Izumo station) which is Western Japan from July 1, 2018.

The train concept of AMETSUCHI’s is “Native Japanese”. Based on this concept, “Made in Shimane and Tottori products” are used for everything on the train incuding a train’s logos, interior decoratings and train meals. You can feel AMETSUCHI’s concept is “native Japanese” from ancient Japan.

With this train, you can go to “Izumo Taisha”, which is one of the Japan’s leading spiritual places! OK, then let’s get start from the train story.

However…  Where is Sanin Area?
Sanin area is here!

Reference: Discover San’in

The train of Native Japanese concept, “AMETSUCHI”

Well, what kind of train “AMETSUCHI” is?

AMETSUCHI is a sightseeing train that runs in Sanin region. The name of “AMETSUCHI” is derived from “When the Tenchi (AMETSUCHI) (the beginning) comes out” at the beginning of the myth collection “Kojiki”. The story scene is also Sanin region.  Train operation was started along with the “San-in Destination Campaign”. Also, AMETSUCHI offers you a special travel to be ablt to find various Japanese cultural roots such as shrine, Saki and Sumo wrestling based on Sanin region.

①Train car
The train car of AMETSUCHI is azure color that represents beautiful sky and sea of Sanin area. Finished in metallic color, the silver band at the bottom of the car body represents the beautiful mountain range of San-in area and the Japanese sword’s pattern (Hamon) related to the traditional iron manufacturing.

In the emblem of AMETSUCHI, the upper half is designed to include a radial vertical line which expresses the light for “heaven” and the lower half for horizontal lines which expresses the sea of “earth”. In addition, as the motif of the logo, Heavenly Gods, the sun, seven Yakumo, golden chicken (golden kite appearing in Japanese mythology); mountains, sea, white rabbit and crocodile are used.

Reference:JR Outing Travelling time by Tourist train AMETSUCHI

③Train car image
Made in Tottori and Shimane prefecture products are used almost everywhere in AMETSUCHI. Let me introduce in the train first,

You can feel a thorough commitment to get visitors to experience the goodness of this area from inside the car!

④Fun the train meal, Japanese sweets and snacks
You can also enjoy food and snacks during a 3-hour 47-minutes journey between Tottori and Izumo stations. For example,

・Tenchi Gozen “ Dawn” (Yoake) 2,500 yen (tax included)                                                                                         The ingredients of Sanin area are abundantly used, and the view of the mythical world and the scenic area of Sanin area appearing in “Kojiki (Japan’s oldest historical records)” and “Nihon Syoki (The oldest chronicles of Japanese)” are expressed with cuisine.

・”Ooenosato” sweets set 2000 yen (tax included)
Seasonal pudding & rolled cake using “tenmii egg” of Oohenosato nature ranch located in Yato-town, Tottori prefecture. Additive-free baked confectionery (AMETSUCI original package) of the selected food materials is served with great coffee.

・Saki and snacks (Sakana) of Sain area  (Sakana)2000 yen (tax included)
It is a local cuisine used the rich local characters such as Shimane beef, Oyama chicken, local fish, etc. High-quality sake of Izumo county “Toyo no Aki Jyunmai-Ginjyo Hanakanzashi” is served with the cuisine.

・Matsue’s Japanese-style confectionery assortment 2,000 yen(Tax included)
Japanese-style confectionery made by the craftsmen of the national confectionery association authorization “elective confectionery job” worked on. Please enjoy the limited Japanese sweet “AMETSUCHI” created based on the myth that Izanagi Izanami created the earth.  ※ Matsue’s long-established tea shop “Sencha (Japanese tea) of Nakamura tea shop” is included

The equipment in the car is carefully selected to those from Tottori and Shimane, so, you can feel the sense of the food, beverages and Japanese sweets of the natural features of the Sanin area. (All meals, snacks, and sweets need to be pre-reserved. You will be required to make a pre-settlement with a credit card in the internet reservation). Train schedule is here ⇒ JR WEST “AMETSUCHI” train schedule (2019/3-2019/9)

The highlight spots on the way that AMETSUCHI runs

The route that AMETSUCHI runs is between Tottori station and Izumo station. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery unique to Sanin area because it runs slowly at the sights such as Daisen, Lake Shinji, and Hii River. You can see the magnificent  Sea of Japan by the window with a view.

Reference:JR Outing Travelling time by Tourist train AMETSUCHI

・Daisen   Daisen is a mountain in Tottori Prefecture at a height of 1729m, the largest mountain in Tottori Prefecture and the Chugoku region. Daisen is selected by Japan’s best 100 mountain and 100 Japanese scenery, and has become one of the symbol of Tottori Prefecture, Not only Daisen has a wonderful view but also people can climb the mountain, so there are many visitors in Summer. The section where you can view the beautiful coast of the Sea of Japan and Daisen simultaneously is between Oyamaguchi Station and Nawa Station in Tottori Prefecture.

Reference: Tanzawa Daisen Nationa Park Daisen cable car

・Hii River   Hii River is a first-class river flowing through eastern Shimane Prefecture and western Tottori Prefecture. Hii river has an old history. The section of the good view of Hii river is between “Izumo-city Station and Naoe Station” in Shimane Prefecture. It is said that the name of Hii river is connected to Eight-headed and tails Serpent (Yataoka Orochi) legend and the same name river appears in Izumo myth. In April, cherry blossoms are in full bloom along the river, soooo romantic ♡♡ </ span>.

You can see another landscape in the evening.

Reference: Shimane sightseeing photo gallary

・Shihnji Lake  A lake that spans Matsue city and Izumo city in Shimane prefecture. It is also part of Hii river.Mainly, a lake connected to the Sea of Japan trough Ohashi / Nakaumi / Sakaisuidou. It is not a freshwater lake, but brackish water (salt is 1/10 of seawater). Shijimi clam fishing is popular in Shinji lake. The section where you can enjoy the scenery of Lake Shinji is between Shimane Prefecture’s Shindo Station and Nogi Station.

(CC:Jnn。)  This is Lake Shinji seen from Matsue Castle

Sunset Lake is also exceptional.

(CC:  Shimane prefecture)


Let’s go to the highlight of Tottori and Shimane by riding on AMETSUCHI!

By the way, I have introduced the amazing sights by AMETSUCHI, in this time, I will introduce the best tourist spots in the Sanin region that can be actually traveled by AMETSUCHI.

First of all, speaking of Tottori, Mizuki Shigeru Road which is one of the most popular theme park in Japan! From Tottori, take the AMETSUCI, get off at Yonago Station, and transfer to JR Yonago Station (Nezumi-otoko Station), No. 0 Home, JR Sakai Line, and it takes about 40 minutes. At Sakaiminato Station where you arrived, the hometown of the monsters, the world of Mizuki Shigeru, will welcome you. It was reopened on July 14, 2018, and along the road there are a total of 177 monster bronze statues.

The most famous spot on Mizuki Shigeru Road is the Mizuki Shigeru Memorial Hall”. “Gegege no ma (Ge ge ge’s room)” is to look back his life with the photo panel, the reproduced workplace and diorama of the youkai (monsters) gathered around world. Also, his childhood studies and favorite items are exhibited.
Along the road, there are many shops that sell miscellaneous goods and accessories with motifs of monster characters are lined up.

Reference: Shiname Sightseeing Navigation

Phone    :   0859-47-0121(Sakaiminato City Tourist Information Center)
Address  : 215 Taisyo-machi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori (Minato Sakai Community Center 1F)
Business Hours: 9:00~17:00(November ~ February)、9:00 ~ 18:00(March~ October)
Holidays : None
Parking  : JR Sakaiminato station parking(Pay),  Hinode parking, Taicyo-machi Parking

The second tourist attraction is Tamatsukuri hot spring .
Tamatsukuri hot spring is located in Tamysu Town, Matsue City, Shimane Prefecture, and has been called Sanmeisen (“Three best hot springs in Japan”) since the Heian period, and it is a famous hot spring along with Kinosaki Onsen, Kaike Onsen, and Misasa Onsen in Sanin area. At AMETAUCHI, the train will stop at Tamatsukuri Onsen Station only on the upward train to Tottori. From the station to the hot spring area is a little far, and it takes 30 minutes by foot, so taking a taxi (10 minutes) or route bus ( One field bus ) is more convenient.

A row of cherry blossom trees along the Tamayu River

Shiname Sightseeing Navigation Shimane Tourist Photo Gallery

☆Access:  Take Icihata bus from JR Tamatsukuri station

The third tourist spot is Izumo Taisha, which you cannot miss if you go to Shimane! You can go to Izumo Taisya from AMETSUCHIi’s last station,”Izumo-shi Station”. Izumo Taisha is one of the leading shrines in Japan that has gained tremendous popularity from women of all ages because of having tremendous luck on love and marriage. Not only for the famous effects, but also the history is very old. It’s history as old as Ise Shrine. The god of the shrine is called Ookuninushino-mikoto. It is believed that there is no God on the earth in Kanazuki (October, no Gods month), but many gods will be only in Izumo Taisha.

What’s famous in Izumo Taisha is the large-scaled long-line rope that you have to look up! Well, you can get a luck if you can throw in a 10 yen coin on that big rope. So, many people are challenging every day. ! I hope everyone will come to Izumo Taisha to gain a lot of good luck!

Izumo Taisya
Address       195, Kizuki-higashi, Taisyacyou, Izumo city, Shimane
Phone          0853-53-3100
Access         Take 10 mins. walk from Isumo Taisya station of Ichihata Electric Railway ⇒ Ichihata Electric Railway
Take Ichihata bus from JR Izumo Taasya station  get off at “Izumo Taisya” stop


Well, this time, I introduced a nice train as a way to take you to the spiritual sites rather than the spiritual sites themselves. When I first saw this train, I was so fascinated and inspired the excellence design, but above all, I had a strong impression on the train that runs through the mysterious Sanin area. This is because made in Tottori and Shimane products are used in most of the products ranging from vehicle design, ornaments and the meals served in the trains. I think that it will be a wonderful trip to go around the tourist spots.
Although there are some inconveniences in traffic, you can challenge to travel by trains. Let’s go on a trip to discover new things in the Sanin area by riding on AMETSUCHI!